Thursday, January 13

Swallow and Swift calls and songs

All the following are by birds in flight, unless noted.

Barn Swallow, vwit and other calls near nest site (June, NJ).

Barn Swallow vwit call followed by alarm calls (Aug, NJ).

alarm call

Tree Swallow dawn song perched (5.48am, May, NJ)

Tree Swallow dawn song in flight (4.50 am, June, CO).

Violet-green Swallow dawn song for comparison(4.45am June, CO)

Perched Tree Swallow (Mar, NJ).

Tree swallow contact call followed by two raspy aggression calls made at the bottom of a dive at an intruder close to nest site (Apr, PA).

contact call

raspy aggression call

A flock of Cliff Swallows with churr notes, squeaky calls at about 40 seconds, and the alarm call near the end of the recording (May, ND).


squeaky calls

Cliff Swallow alarm calls (May, ND).

Purple Martin calls (May, DE).

cheeur calls by birds at martin house

buzzy bzeet in flight

calls at 23s

Chimney Swift (June, NJ).

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