Sunday, May 17

Shorebird calls II : Plovers

The call of the Black-bellied Plover is a plaintive cur-wee (May, NJ).

Black-bellied Plovers with Semipalmated Plovers in the background (May, NJ).

Pluvialis plovers have two song types given in flight on the breeding grounds, wailing (also called territorial) and trilled. The trilled song is also given on the ground in aggressive interactions (Byrkjedal and Thompson).
Trilled song of a Black-bellied Plover (migrant, Aug, NJ).

time scale reduced

Semipalmated Plovers are very vocal in migration (May, NJ).

Presumed Semipalmated Plover nocturnal call in flight (Sep, ME)

Interaction calls (May, NJ).

A flock at Heislerville, NJ in May.

Killdeer alarm call (May, NJ).

With further distress, the call becomes a deer-di-di-di (with Red-winged Blackbird whistling, May, NJ).

Reference: I Byrkjedal, DBA Thompson. Tundra Plovers. 1998. Princeton University Press.

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