Tuesday, February 17

Icterid contact and alarm calls II : Orioles, Bobolink and Meadowlarks

Male Baltimore Oriole alarm chatter and a single hyu call. As with Red-winged Blackbirds, many of the so-called calls made by Baltimore Orioles appear to serve as abbreviated songs (House Wren in background,July, NJ).

Another example of the chatter (male, with Red-eyed Vireo, May, NJ).

Nasal zhuu call (with Gray Catbird, July, NJ).

As with male Red-winged Blackbirds, Baltimore Orioles often give call-like notes that are probably an abbreviated song, as with the next two examples: "hyu" calls (June, PA).

a lower call (July, NJ).

Chip-like calls and several other notes by male, probably representing song (Aug, NJ).

call at 1 sec with chip to left

call at 5 secs with chip to left

call at 7 secs

twitter-like call at 16,19 and 24 secs

Begging calls by a juvenile Baltimore Oriole(June, NJ)

Adult male Orchard Oriole chack and we-hee calls (June, NJ)


we-hee call

Male chack and hee calls.

chack call

hee call (June, NJ)

hee call (July, PA)

A pair of Orchard Orioles (first year male and female) near nest-site, several different calls, nestlings also calling from nest (at 4,6s) (June, NJ).

female twitter at 2 and15s

low churr at 8s

Same pair of Orchard Orioles, plaintive peeyoo calls starting at 28s.

Quiet wheezy call at 5 and 10s

A recording of a male giving a variety of calls with a female calling in the background (softer, yheer calls, the "flight" call) (June, NJ)

A male and female Orchard Oriole chasing each other and giving squeaky interaction calls (May, NJ)

The male Bobolink has a low chuck alarm. These perched males also gave the bink flight call, frequently a bisyllabic variation (with Savannah and Grasshopper Sparrow chip calls, June, NJ).


bisyllabic bink

Similar call by migrant (Sep, NJ).

The female Bobolink alarm call is a rising vick (alternating with the male chuck call, June, NJ)

female call on right

This late migrant Bobolink gave a quiet aggressive hiss when interacting with nearby sparrows (Nov, PA).

The alarm call of the Eastern Meadowlark is a buzz. Two calls by perched adult carrying food (July, ME).

These were birds in flight (breeding grounds, July, ME).

Shorter buzzy call by birds in flight (Upland Sandpiper calling, July, ME).

A flock of about thirty Eastern Meadowlarks singing and rattling, the rattle also indicates agitation (Nov, NJ)

Eastern Meadowlark rattle (time scale reduced)

Compare the lower rattle of a Western Meadowlark, with chup calls (May, ND)

Western Meadowlark rattle (time scale reduced)

chup call Western Meadowlark

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