Thursday, March 26

Bitterns and Herons

The Least Bittern song is a quiet cu-cu-cu (May, NJ).

Here the soft calls of a Least Bittern are just audible over the raucous Green Frogs and Bullfrogs (May, NJ).

A loud kaa-kaa-kaa is often heard later in the breeding season, especially early in the morning (July, NJ).

Least Bittern nocturnal flight call (presumed, 4.06am, Oct, PA).

Another, croakier version (4.14am, mid-Sep, PA)

(3.24am, Aug, PA)

This is a juvenile Least Bittern, still with down on its head, that called almost continuously for the 45 minutes I watched it. Interestingly, it changed its call periodically. These are the 3 different calls I heard (July, NJ).

American Bittern flushed from marsh, flew a short distance (with Swamp Sparrow and American Crow, May, DE).

Presumed American Bittern call in nocturnal flight (2.38am, Oct, PA)

(5.14am, Sep, PA)

American Bittern and Black-crowned Night-Heron calling together (2.04am, Apr, PA)

Green Herons in flight (Aug, NJ).

Black-crowned Night-Heron (Canada Geese in background, May, NJ).

Black-crowned Night-Herons near roost and calling in flight shortly before dawn (Apr, NJ).

Great Blue Heron (Aug, NJ).

Nocturnal flight call (4.05am, Sep, PA).

Calls by a flock of Great Egrets (Jul, NJ).

Snowy Egret male courtship call, a bubbling vocalization (May, NJ).

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