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Shorebird calls : flight calls

The flight call of the Black-bellied Plover is a plaintive cur-wee (May, NJ).

American Golden-Plover, initially contact calls (left on sonagram) between an adult and juvenile, then longer calls in flight (with Blue Jay, Sep, PA).

Nocturnal flight call (mid-Oct, PA).

Semipalmated Plover flight call (May, NJ).

Semipalmated Plover nocturnal call in flight (Sep, ME)

Semipalmated Sandpiper flight call, foraging bird (July, NJ).

Foraging and interacting birds (Aug, NJ).

Semipalmated Sandpiper taking flight (May, NJ).

Least Sandpipers have a higher, rising flight call compared to that of the Semipalmated Sandpiper.
(July, NJ)

(birds in flight, May, NJ).

Least Sandpiper taking flight with flight/alarm call (May, NJ).

Calls by a flock taking off (May, PA).

White-rumped Sandpipers have unique high-pitched squeaky calls (June, NJ).

In this case they sound a bit like some of the calls of the Eastern Kingbird.

The calls are variable but consistently high and squeaky (May, NJ).

Sanderling call is a clear chit (in flight, Jan, NJ).

(birds in flight, Aug, MA).

The common call of the Dunlin is a low kree (bird in flight, Apr, NJ).

(foraging birds, May, NJ)

The Pectoral Sandpiper call is a low, loose trill (Aug, PA).

The commonly heard flight call of the Greater Yellowlegs is usually repeated three times (May, NJ).

When excited the call may be repeated in longer sequences (Mar, NJ).

The same call of the Lesser Yellowlegs is usually repeated only twice and is higher, with a less ringing tone (Mar, NJ).

(May, NJ).

Short-billed Dowitchers give a rapidly repeated tu-tu or tu-tu-tu, also heard in flight, faster than the calls of yellowlegs (May, VA).

The calls at the time of take-off (at 7s) are different and can be confused with the calls of Long-billed Dowitchers (May, NJ).

calls at time of taking flight (Willet in background)

Call variant (nocturnal, 10pm, mid-May PA)

Lesser Yellowlegs calls followed by Short-billed Dowitcher for comparison (July, NJ).

Long-billed Dowitcher call, an Alder Flycatcher-like peek (July, NJ).

Ruddy Turnstone taking off, similar call to Short-billed Dowitcher (Dec, NJ)

(in flight Aug, MA).

Stilt Sandpiper, a single low pew (another common version is huskier, July, NJ).

The calls of Purple Sandpipers are reminiscent of Barn Swallows.
Contact/flight call (Mar, NJ).

The same or similar alarm/flight call by bird taking flight (Mar, NJ).

Spotted Sandpiper flight call, disturbed birds. Note the slight pitch difference between the two adults (June, PA).

The Solitary Sandpiper flight call is very similar to the Spotted Sandpiper but slightly higher and more piercing (Apr, DE).

Nocturnal flight call (90 mins before sunrise, Sep, PA).

Willet flight call (Eastern, with Greater Yellowlegs, Aug, NJ).

Flight/alarm call (breeding grounds, May, DE)

Eastern and Western Willets have different flight calls (as well as songs):
These were recorded on the same day in May at Green Lane, PA.
Eastern (id pending, would be PA state first record)


Two adjacent birds (Apr,NC).


Eastern is Laughing Gull-like, Western godwit-like, as described by Michael O'Brien in his article on separating the subspecies in Birding.

Whimbrel flight calls include a tututututu, slower and longer than short-billed dowitcher, and gurgling calls

gurgling calls

Presumed nocturnal flight call (1.16am, mid-Sep, PA)

Upland Sandpiper flight call (perched bird, breeding grounds, July, ME).

Nocturnal flight call (3.43am, early Sep, PA).

Marbled Godwit flight call (breeding grounds, May, ND).

Bar-tailed Godwit calls in flight, breeding grounds (June, AK).

Black-necked Stilt pair in flight (Apr, DE).

3 distinct calls

calls in short flight

Red-necked Phalarope contact call beside a pond (June, AK).

Wilson's Snipe flight call, often heard when flushed (after sunset, May, VA)

Flushed bird (Nov, NJ).

This is also the nocturnal flight call (30 mins before sunrise, Sep, PA).

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