Saturday, December 5

Spotted Towhee calls

A female Spotted Towhee has been observed at Palmyra Cove since late November, only the sixth record of this species for New Jersey, the first since 1995. The bird hasn't been very vocal, but its mew call has been helpful in localizing it.

"Mew" call.

An aggressive interaction with a male Eastern Towhee, with a series of chips made by one bird (the "fear" or "flee" call of both species, most likely made by the Spotted Towhee, which was being chased), and buzzy calls by the other.

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Mikael Behrens said...

Nice! Here in central Texas in the winter that first Spotted Towhee call is a good call to learn. Often that's all you observe of those skulking birds! I also hear a Carolina Wren and American Robin in that first clip. And maybe 1 or 2 other birds?