Thursday, January 13

Mimid songs

Gray Catbird song including mimicry of Wood Thrush (9, 19, 32s), American Robin (2, 27, 38s) and Common Grackle (24, 49s). Also possible Eurasian Starling (11s) and Blue Jay (34s),(June, PA).

American Robin at 2s

Wood Thrush at 19s

Common Grackle at 24s

A simpler song with two different phrases (July, NJ)

This bird was displaying in front of another bird and singing a subdued song with repeated phrases, including mimicry of Eastern Kingbird at 6s (May, NJ)

phrases 5-8 on the recording

Northern Mockingbird featuring a number of imitations, including (in order of appearance) Northern Flicker, American Kestrel, American Robin, Greater Yellowlegs, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Hairy Woodpecker, Virginia Rail, Carolina Wren, Blue Jay and Northern Cardinal (May, NJ). Mockingbirds are unusual among birds in that they continue to add to their repertoire throughout life (see Mimicry I for sonagrams).

Northern Mockingbirds sing in the fall while establishing winter territories (Oct, PA)

Songs and calls of about six Northern Mockingbirds in close proximity (Oct, PA)

The Brown Thrasher has thousands of different songs, each of which it often repeats twice (with Chipping Sparrow calls, May, NJ).

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