Thursday, January 13


Barred Owl (5.30 am,Sep, Mount Desert Island, ME).

Barred Owl, screech by juvenile (5.15 am,Sep, Mount Desert Island, ME).

This call is quite similar to calls made by other owl species, for example the alarm call of an adult Northern Hawk Owl (June, AK).

A pair of Great Horned Owls calling to each other shortly after dusk (Nov, PA). The begging call of young birds is a shriek, and a similar call is used by adults during the period of pair-bonding prior to the breeding season.

Another bird with a similar, but different, shriek (near dawn, Nov, PA).

Great Horned Owl pair duetting, the presumed female call (first and third calls) is higher, and the presumed male call lower (Nov, PA).

female call

male call

Great Horned Owl barking shortly before dawn. Shortly after barking for a couple of minutes, it began hooting (Oct, PA).

Possible Northern Saw-whet Owl "wailing" shortly before dawn (early Oct, PA). Also Swainson's Thrush calls and some minidisc noise. Eastern Screech-Owl can sound similar so this identification is tentative.

Eastern Screech-Owl tremolo, used in courtship (Mar, NJ).

Eastern Screech-Owl whinny, used to defend territory (Dec, PA).

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