Thursday, January 13


Broad-winged Hawk whistle (Apr, NJ).

Red-shouldered Hawk (July, NJ).

Red-tailed Hawk (June, NJ)

(Nov, PA)

Sharp-shinned Hawk calls at 2, 29, 50 and 62s (including mobbing calls by Blue Jays, Oct, NJ)

Cooper's Hawk (June, NJ).

Cooper's Hawk leaving nest (June, NJ).

Cooper's Hawk, female call after flying from nest to perch nearby (June, NJ).

The mew calls sound similar to Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Oct, PA).

Peregrine Falcon in flight (Oct, NJ).

American Kestrel in flight (male, Oct, PA).

This soft call was heard when two female/immature Merlins interacted with each other in flight (Nov, NJ).

Osprey (Aug, NJ).

(Aug, NJ)

Northern Harrier pair flying overhead in breeding habitat, the louder call being the female, and the whistle presumed to be the male (Red-winged Blackbird also calling, May, PA).

A male Northern Harrier being mobbed in flight by a Red-winged Blackbird was presumed to make this soft call (at 3s) (breeding grounds, May, PA).

(insect noise at 5-6kHz)

Northern Harrier in flight (Nov, NJ)

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