Tuesday, February 17

Icterid contact and alarm calls II : Orioles, Bobolink and Meadowlarks

Male Baltimore Oriole alarm chatter and a single hyu call. As with Red-winged Blackbirds, many of the so-called calls made by Baltimore Orioles appear to serve as abbreviated songs (House Wren in background,July, NJ).

Another example of the chatter (male, with Red-eyed Vireo, May, NJ).

(May, PA)

Nasal zhuu call (with Gray Catbird, July, NJ).

As with male Red-winged Blackbirds, Baltimore Orioles often give call-like notes that are probably an abbreviated song, as with the next two examples: "hyu" calls (June, PA).

a lower call (July, NJ).

Chip-like calls and several other notes by male, probably representing song (Aug, NJ).

call at 1 sec with chip to left

call at 5 secs with chip to left

call at 7 secs

twitter-like call at 16,19 and 24 secs

Begging calls by a juvenile Baltimore Oriole(June, NJ)

Adult male Orchard Oriole chack and we-hee calls (June, NJ)


we-hee call

Male chack and hee calls.

chack call

hee call (June, NJ)

hee call (July, PA)


Chatter (female, July, PA).

A pair of Orchard Orioles (first year male and female) near nest-site, several different calls, nestlings also calling from nest (at 4,6s) (June, NJ).

female twitter at 2 and15s

low churr at 8s

Same pair of Orchard Orioles, plaintive peeyoo calls starting at 28s.

Quiet wheezy call at 5 and 10s

A recording of a male giving a variety of calls with a female calling in the background (softer, yheer calls, the "flight" call) (June, NJ)

A male and female Orchard Oriole chasing each other and giving squeaky interaction calls (May, NJ)

The male Bobolink has a low chuck alarm. These perched males also gave the bink flight call, frequently a bisyllabic variation (with Savannah and Grasshopper Sparrow chip calls, June, NJ).


bisyllabic bink

Similar call by migrant (Sep, NJ).

The female Bobolink alarm call is a rising vick (alternating with the male chuck call, June, NJ)

female call on right

This late migrant Bobolink gave a quiet aggressive hiss when interacting with nearby sparrows (Nov, PA).

The alarm call of the Eastern Meadowlark is a buzz. Two calls by perched adult carrying food (July, ME).

These were birds in flight (breeding grounds, July, ME).

Shorter buzzy call by birds in flight (Upland Sandpiper calling, July, ME).

A flock of about thirty Eastern Meadowlarks singing and rattling, the rattle also indicates agitation (Nov, NJ)

Eastern Meadowlark rattle (time scale reduced)

Adult on breeding grounds (July, PA).

Compare the lower rattle of a Western Meadowlark, with chup calls (May, ND)

Western Meadowlark rattle (time scale reduced)

chup call Western Meadowlark

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