Sunday, March 29

Ducks II : Diving Ducks

Common Goldeneye male head-throw display call (Mar, PA)

Another call is not associated with head-throw, a "gack" (Mar, PA).

Buffleheads do not often vocalize, but this lone female/immature male called frequently (Nov, PA).

Female being chased by male (Feb, PA).

A flushed female (the first few notes are a female Hooded Merganser flushed at the same time, Jan, PA)

Males perform a non-vocal display in which they patter on the water, take off on a short flight and skid upright on the water to a stop (Mar, NJ).

Hooded Merganser female swimming towards young ducklings, including rapid sequences towards the end (May, PA)

Common Merganser courtship calls, groups of several males with one or two females (Mar, PA).

male and female

Female "chuckle"(with males, Mar, PA).

This doubled sound is heard during courtship chases, it may be a wing clap, but I haven't determined the source.

Agitated calls, probably males (Mar, PA).

Female alarm calls (Apr, PA).

Female Common Merganser taking off: the call is a short, guttural quack (Mar, NJ).

Common Mergansers taking flight (Apr, PA).

In spring Ring-necked Ducks give a chorus of chirps, often when several males are jostling in the company of a female. Note Redhead/scaup-like weeoo male display calls at 7-13s (Mar, PA).

clear chips
weeoo calls
hoarse chips (Apr, NJ)

(Mar, PA)

whistle at 5s

Aythya females have quacks that are low and guttural.
Flushed female Ring-necked Duck (Mar, PA).

Female calling, swimming with a male, and a female Lesser Scaup (April, PA).

Female Lesser Scaup taking flight (May, ND).

Female Redhead in flight (May, ND).

The male Redhead has a whee-ough call (May, ND).

Canvasback male calls (Mar, NJ).

whistle at 26s

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