Friday, March 20

Finch calls II : alarm and contact calls

American Goldfinch interaction calls at a feeder are similar to flight calls (Jan, PA)

Quiet calls at a feeder also appear to be the same as the flight call (Jan, PA)

"Bay-bee", the alarm call (Aug, PA).

Female courtship call (Aug, NJ).

Waaee (compare with the similar call of the Pine Siskin below).
Female calling, male singing (Apr, NJ).

A different pair of birds.

More examples of this call:
(June, NJ)

(May, NJ)

Perched male, preceded by other calls (July, PA).

calls at 1s

calls at 6s


Ti-hoo, the call of recently fledged birds(Sep, NJ).

Pine Siskins have a distinctive zzzreeee call that is commonly heard from perched birds, and occasionally in flight too (Mar, PA).

Another common call is waaee. American Goldfinch and Common Redpoll have very similar calls to this one (Apr, PA).

(Oct, PA).

Interaction call between two birds followed by chattering of several birds at a feeder (Oct, PA).

interaction call


Various calls, a number of siskins calling from a tree-top (Mar, PA).

White-winged Crossbill, quiet waee calls between birds foraging on the ground (Apr, PA).

The same call here preceded flight calls by birds leaving a spruce tree (Dec, PA).

A flock of 30 white-winged Crossbills feeding on hemlock cones. Calling often ceases while feeding (Mar, PA).

These calls were made by a female Purple Finch that was with fledglings. The fledgling calls are a yo-whee (4 out of the first 5 calls on the recording), but the other calls are by the adult bird. There is also a Song Sparrow and Yellow Warbler singing (July, ME).

There are four different calls made by the female, as shown in the following sonagrams (21-26s on the recording).

to the left is the high-pitched call with the fledgling call under it

House Finch, several typical calls by birds in my backyard (Mar, PA).

raspy vheer

call at 1, 13 and 15s

call at 3 and 6s

call at 10s

Interaction calls between a dozen birds feeding high in a sycamore, including two raspy trills (Nov, PA).

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Unknown said...

I was trying to find a bird call that I hear each morning this Spring just before dawn. It sounds most like the first sound byte on your entries here, by the American Goldfinch. We have a lot of finches here in Fresno, CA; this call is very different from the calls they make the rest of the day. Unlike the sound byte you have of this bird's call at the top, I think it's call is while it's stationary, roosting in a tree before dawn. I never hear this particular call after dawn. Comments? Tnx!