Friday, May 1


Cedar Waxwings have two main call categories, whistles and trills, with intermediates between the two. There appears to be no true song.

Calls by several birds (May, PA).

whistle and trill

quiet short trills

intermediate calls

Whistles often presage taking flight. Whistle and trill of a bird taking off (July, ME).

Trills between several pairs of birds, some were performing the "courtship-hopping" display, where they sit alongside each other and pass a food item to each other (May, NJ).

Rapidly repeated begging calls of an adult female, termed the female courtship call (June, NJ).

The begging trills of juvenile Cedar Waxwings are very similar (July, PA).

(sonagram has vegetation artefact)

Many of the trills in the following recording have a large frequency range, making them sound lower. This is a characteristic of the male courtship call (BNA).
Several birds perched in an evergreen (with Western Bluebirds, Feb, NV).

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