Friday, June 19

Juvenile calls V : sparrows to finches

The call of juvenile Chipping Sparrows is a short, high trill (Aug, NJ).

Field Sparrow juvenile, with adult chipping (Jul, NJ)

Buzzier calls, they speed up at the point of feeding (June, PA).

Juvenile Song Sparrows have buzzy calls (July, PA).

(Aug, PA)

(July, ME)

(July, PA)

White-throated Sparrow juvenile calls change with age (BNA): this one is similar to a soft, higher version of the adult call (July, ME)>

Different location, these trilled calls are kinglet-like. It's possible that this is the feeding call, while the one above is the location call (July, ME).

Vesper Sparrow juvenile being fed by adult (with Tree Swallows, July, ME). The calls are similar to the chase or "growl" interaction calls of adults.

Swamp Sparrow juvenile call (July, ME).

Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco calls are similar to the common call heard by flying adults (July, ME).

Adult call in flight (Feb, PA).

Eastern Towhee juveniles have a high buzzy call and a chip call.
Buzzy (begging) call (Sep, NJ).

Eastern Towhee fledgling chip (location) call (June, PA).

Juvenile Northern Cardinal calls are rapidly repeated so that they run into each other, unlike the more widely spaced calls of most other fledglings (Sep, PA)

(with adult, Jul, PA)

(Jul, NJ).

Fledgling Scarlet Tanager, a hoarse chuwee (Sep, PA).

Migrant Rose-breasted Grosbeak calling shortly after dawn, this is the juvenile begging call, and one of the calls regularly heard during nocturnal migration (Sep, PA).

Blue Grosbeak juvenile (softer, rising call) and adult (louder, r-shaped call)(Aug, NJ).

The metallic calls of Indigo Bunting juveniles are often heard into September (Sep, PA)

(Sep, NJ)

Juvenile Red-winged Blackbird (June, PA).

Juvenile Red-winged Blackbird, calls by a less recently fledged bird (July, PA).

Common Grackle fledgling (May, PA)

(May, PA)

(Aug, PA).

Brown-headed Cowbird juvenile call (Jul, NJ).

Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird, probable location call (July, PA).

Same bird, calls as Common Yellowthroat approaches, feeding it at about 25s.

Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird being fed by a Red-eyed Vireo. As the vireo approaches, the begging calls lengthen until the point of feeding at 12 seconds (July, PA).

time scale reduced

Very recently fledged Baltimore Oriole (with adult male, June, PA).

(June, NJ).

Juvenile Orchard Oriole begging calls (June, PA).


The location call is similar to the Red-winged Blackbird check (adult male yheer calls in background, July, PA).

Fledgling House Finch (Red-winged Blackbird whistling, July, PA).

Juvenile Purple Finch (Jul, ME).

The calls of recently fledged American Goldfinches are frequently heard in late summer and early fall (Sep, PA).

(Aug, PA).

Juvenile House Sparrow begging call (Aug, PA).

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