Wednesday, October 28

European Starling

The (variable) metallic twick of the European Starling (Nov, NJ).

The flight call is a growling trill, birds taking flight from a roost, with twick calls (Jan, NJ).

Starlings are often heard making this call from the tops of trees during the colder months (Nov, PA).

Another common call is a harsh rattle (Feb, PA).

Several birds high in a tree using these calls and whistling sounds in a song-like sequence (Jan, PA).

"flight" calls


Same birds, with mimicry of Fish Crow at 9s and American Kestrel at 10s.

Alarm call at nest (May, PA)

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Alex Washoe said...

The Starlings in my neighborhood make such an incredible variety of sounds that I never get tired of listening to them. Everything from pops and clicks and whistles to scraps of melody and even imitations of other birds calls. (We have a lot of chickadees in this area, and I've heard "chickadee" calls that sounded suspiciously like Starlings). Sometimes it seems like there's a whole flock of birds outside, and I go out and listen for a minute and I realize its just one or two Starlings. They're range is incredible.