Monday, May 17

Andros, Bahamas

The following were recorded on Andros, Bahamas at the end of April.

Bahama Mockingbird at dawn.

A more extended version of the song.

The Bahama Mockingbird call is similar to that of the Northern Mockingbird, which is also found on Andros.
Bahama Mockingbird.

The resident Myiarchus on Andros is the La Sagra's Flycatcher.



Two birds calling.

Whit alarm call.

Gray Kingbird song.

Red-legged Thrush song.


There are two breeding vireo species on Andros.

The Thick-billed Vireo is very similar in appearance and song to the White-eyed Vireo.

This bird sang a rambling version of the song in close vicinity to a female that was selecting a nest-site.

Various calls by two interacting pairs of birds, including alarm calls, quieter calls and bill snapping.

The other breeding vireo on Andros is the Black-whiskered, which has a song similar to the Red-eyed Vireo, but with less variety. The alarm call, which I didn't record, is similar to the Red-eyed Vireo.

This bird uttered a trill in between song phrases.

The Great Lizard-Cuckoo barely flies, and is easy to approach when found. These calls were by two interacting pairs close to dusk. The song, near the beginning of the recording, is more rapid than the similar call of the Mangrove Cuckoo.

song (reduced time scale)

song: individual notes


This poor recording of a Mangrove Cuckoo shows the difference.

The Andros (and Abaco) subspecies of the Black-cowled Oriole has been recently raised to species status, the Bahama Oriole.
The song consists of a series of call-like whistles.

Contact call.

Alarm call, near nest-site. The nest was being constructed under a palm frond.

The Bananaquit has a distinctive song of trills and electric buzzes.


Another common bird is the Black-faced Grassquit.


The Greater Antillean Bullfinch is very vocal, with high-pitched calls and song.

song (reduced time scale)

song: individual notes

calls at 7-9s

Contact call.

Alarm call.

The high chip of the Cape May Warbler, which is a common non-breeding bird on Andros, is similar.

Common Ground-Dove, with Key West Quail-Dove calling in the background.

Antillean Nighthawks began to arrive at the end of April, this one was flying over the beach at dawn.

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