Saturday, August 7


Eastern Gray Squirrel alarm call (May, NJ).

Eastern Gray Squirrel gnawing on black walnut fruit (Oct, PA).

American Red Squirrel chatter (July, ME).

Eastern Chipmunk chips (May, NJ).

Eastern Chipmunk chitter (Sep, PA).

Eastern Chipmunk chuck (Sep, PA).

Southern Flying Squirrel alarm call (approx 90 minutes after sunset, Mar, NJ).

Southern Flying Squirrel chitter, same individual (Mar, NJ).

Coyote (approx 120 mins after sunset, Nov, PA).

Raccoons screeching (12.05am, Mar, PA)

Raccoons squealing, grunting, purring and barking below a hooting Great Horned Owl. Recorded along the upper reaches of saltmarsh along the Delaware bayshore (mid-February, 5.00am).

raccoon squeals and grunts

raccoon barks over owl hoots

Distress calls by a young Raccoon moving about in dense vegetation (Sep, NJ).

Canada Lynx (June, AK).

This White-tailed Deer fawn was crouched on the bank of a creek with the doe standing beside it. The cries are distress calls and I suspect the fawn was sick or injured (May, PA).

Alarm calls of the doe (May, PA).

Calls of a fawn (Sep, NJ)

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