Sunday, December 12

Icterid flight calls II : Orioles and Meadowlarks

Two interacting male Baltimore Orioles, one with the rising wha call, considered the flight call, but most often heard from perched birds (May, RI).

Orchard Oriole yheer calls (Aug, NJ with juvenile Indigo Bunting)

Orioles do not call during nocturnal migration.

Bobolinks in flight at dawn, returning to a feeding area from nearby roosts at a site west of Pedricktown along the Delaware River in NJ, where I've counted over a thousand. They stay here during most of September before moving on. Unlike the orioles and meadowlarks, Bobolinks call regularly in flight while migrating at night.

Two different calls, ju and bink

Bink calls during nocturnal flight (4.00am, Sep, PA).

The flight call of the Eastern Meadowlark is a rising wee. Bird in flight (Nov, NJ).

Compare this recording of the lower flight call of a Western Meadowlark (bird in flight, Mar, NE)

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