Tuesday, July 26

Swallow songs

Barn Swallow dawn song, consisting of mostly three part phrases, 50 minutes before sunrise, by a bird flying to and fro over a meadow. The song finished well before sunrise. (June, PA).

Tree Swallow dawn song perched, compared to the day song it is less variable and has a staccato rhythm (5.48am, May, NJ)

Tree Swallow dawn song in flight (4.50 am, June, CO).

Violet-green Swallow dawn song for comparison (in flight, 4.45am, June, CO)

The Tree Swallow day song is often more varied than the more stereotyped dawn song, bird in flight (May, RI).

tinkling calls are reminiscent of Sprague's Pipit

buzzy calls


Perched bird (8.00am, Mar, PA)

The Northern Rough-winged Swallow song is a monotonous repetition of the flight calls, here by a bird flying low in a circuit one hour before dawn (May, PA).

The Purple Martin dawn song is a persistent series of notes given in flight before sunrise: in this example buzzy calls (July, NJ).

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