Monday, May 14

Nocturnal migrants May 11-13th 2012

The following were recorded over my home in Elkins Park, PA.

Common Nighthawk (1.01am). Nighthawks call mostly at twilight on their breeding grounds, but not often during nocturnal migration.

Birds occasionally sing while migrating during the night, as with this Veery (4.35am).

reduced time scale

Dickcissels are uncommon migrants in the Delaware Valley. The flight call is an unmistakable low buzz (10.30pm).

Shorebirds can be quite vocal while flying at night:
Least Sandpiper (12.01am).

Semipalmated Plover (11.52 pm).

Solitary Sandpiper (3.41am).

Both cuckoos vocalize frequently during migration. The Black-billed Cuckoo makes a swallowing sound (2.45am).

Yellow-billed Cuckoo "knocker" call (12.45am).

reduced time scale

Unknown call (2.01 am). This was an isolated call, perhaps an anomalous Swainson's Thrush?

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