Monday, October 15

Nocturnal migrants October 13th 2012

Calls during the night (from 10.00pm to 6.45am ), included 176 Hermit Thrush, 124 Swainson's Thrush and 8 Gray-cheeked Thrush. Pine Siskins were heard on several occasions from 3.02am on, and a Purple Finch flew over calling at 5.21am. These finches are not normally heard more than an hour before sunrise (Evans and O'Brien), but a report last year in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology documented for the first time apparent nocturnal migration of Pine Siskins. Recordings Elkins Park, PA.
Pine Siskin (3.02am)


Purple Finch (5.21am)

Hermit Thrush, flight calls (and a couple of chup alarm calls, 2.11am)

This Hermit Thrush used its alarm call in flight instead of the usual flight call (4.10am)

An odd Swainson's Thrush call, sounding hoarse because both syrinxes contributed to the call (1.14am)

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