Tuesday, March 26

Sparrow high chip calls

As with the warblers, sparrows have high chip calls that indicate a high level of agitation. High chips often show variability on the sonagram, and it is doubtful that they are identifiable to species.

Song Sparrows often give a high chip near the nest or fledglings (Mar, PA).

A pair of agitated Song Sparrows, giving a variety of calls, including two different high chip calls, the chimp call, and several different chips (June, NJ).

two high chips

chip at 13s

chip at 22s

chip at 2s

chip at 12s

This recording features three different chip calls, made by two agitated Song Sparrows. In addition to the chimp and high chip calls, there is another call that I believe represents the chet call, apparently only given by females (Aug, PA).

Another example, single bird (July, PA).

Lincoln's Sparrow with fledglings, including two high chips, indicating a high level of agitation (July,CO).

high chip

Dark-eyed Junco high chip (July, ME)

Savannah Sparrow chips and high chips (breeding grounds, June, NJ).

Swamp Sparrow high chip (Oct, PA).

White-throated Sparrow on breeding grounds (July, ME).

(July, ME).

High chip call by an over-wintering/migrant White-throated Sparrow. I have only heard this call in early spring (Apr, PA).

Seaside Sparrow (June,Nj).

LeConte's Sparrow high chip,spliced recording (breeding grounds, June, MN)

Eastern Towhee, adult pair calling with high chip calls, near fledglings (June, NJ).

Male with high chip and high trill (May, PA).

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