Sunday, March 3

Thrush calls

Hawk alarm or whistle, given by a Blackbird, this one hidden in a bush, shortly before dawn (Apr, Norfolk). This call is identical to that given by the Robin.

Blackbird calls at dawn, consisting of a quieter pok and louder pli pli pli (Dec, Suffolk).

Another example of these agitated calls, again at dawn (Dec, Herts).



The calls often accelerate into a crescendo, especially by birds on short flights (Dec, Suffolk).

reduced time scale

Migrant Blackbirds have a trilled or sibilant call that is similar to the calls of Tree Creeper or waxwings,(Dec, Herts).

The Redwing flight call, also given regularly by feeding flocks as a contact call, is similar to the Blackbird call, but is a finer buzz (Dec, Herts).

In this recording, the first flight call is a Blackbird, the second and third Redwing (Dec, Herts).

Redwings also have a Blackbird-like puk (Dec, Herts).

Harsh calls (alarm calls?) are also heard from Redwing flocks (Apr, Herts)

The flight call of Fieldfares is similar (flock of 50 in flight, Apr, Suffolk).

Song Thrush alarm call (Mar, Herts).

(May, Herts).

reduced time scale

Mistle Thrush alarm (two interacting birds, May, Herts).

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