Thursday, May 16

Nocturnal migrants May 16th 2013

Recording was from 12.40am to sunrise, Elkins Park, PA. Winds were light westerly/southwesterly, perfect for migration. Call totals included 60 Veery, 40 Swainson's Thrush, 18 Rose-breasted Grosbeak and 2 Gray-cheeked Thrush. There were numerous warbler calls (including Common Yellowthroat, Canada, American Redstart, Northern Parula), a few sparrow (Savannah and White-throated), and 10 Bobolink. Both cuckoos were represented, 3 Black-billed and 6 Yellow-billed.

Female King/Clapper Rail at 2.00am. A really rare record for this location (I originally thought this was a Virginia Rail but it is too low for that species, M O'Brien pers. comm.).

Black-billed Cuckoo (2.03am)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo (2.32am)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo (3.46am)

Spotted Sandpiper (with Canada Warbler, 3.09 am)

Green Heron, presumably two birds with different calls (1.55 am)

This call is a good match for Wilson's Warbler (3.30am).

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