Thursday, December 31

Warbler calls

Chiffchaff alarm call (Apr, Herts). The Willow Warbler call is more bisyllabic.

Another call, possibly also an alarm call (May, Herts).

Blackcap alarm call (Apr, Norfolk).

Repeated calls by male mobbing a Tawny Owl (May, Herts).

Garden Warbler alarm (May, Herts).

The Lesser Whitethroat alarm call is similar to the Blackcap but softer (May, Essex).

Another alarm is a raspy churr (same bird(s) as above, May, Essex).

Whitethroat alarm call (male, May, Herts).

female with nesting material (May, Herts).

Reed Warbler alarm is similar (June, Herts).

Sedge Wren alarm call, another raspy churr (May, Herts).

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