Wednesday, June 29

Juveniles III

Each bird species has its own specific fledgling vocalizations. Identifying often unseen young birds enables confirmation of breeding success.

Blue Tit (June, Herts).

Great Tit (June, Herts).

Wren (June, Herts).

Note that Wren fledglings can sound similar to fledgling cuckoo.

Treecreeper (June, Herts).

Goldcrest (June, Herts).

Long-tailed Tit (June, Herts).

Nuthatch begging calls are high-pitched (June, Herts).

Dunnock fledglings have a metallic call (June, Herts).

Chaffinch juveniles sound like House Sparrows (June, Herts).

Goldfinch (June, Pembs).

White Wagtail (June, Pembs).

Mistle Thrush (June, Herts).

Robin fledgling. The double-banded calls are similar to the begging call of the adult female (June, Herts).

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