Thursday, March 26

Bitterns and Herons

The Least Bittern song is a quiet cu-cu-cu (May, NJ).

Here the soft calls of a Least Bittern are just audible over the raucous Green Frogs and Bullfrogs (May, NJ).

A loud kaa-kaa-kaa is often heard later in the breeding season, especially early in the morning (July, NJ).

This call is also heard on the wintering grounds (Feb, FL)

Two birds ( with Virginia Rail and pig frog, Feb, FL)

This call preceded by a Green Heron-like sound (July, PA)

Blackbird-like chuck (July, PA).

Least Bittern nocturnal flight call (presumed, 4.06am, Oct, PA).

Another, croakier version (4.14am, mid-Sep, PA)

(3.24am, Aug, PA)

(mid Sep, PA)

Similar call by unseen bird in reeds (July, PA).

This is a juvenile Least Bittern, still with down on its head, that called almost continuously for the 45 minutes I watched it. Interestingly, it changed its call periodically. These are the 3 different calls I heard (July, NJ).

American Bittern flushed from marsh, flew a short distance (with Swamp Sparrow and American Crow, May, DE).

Presumed American Bittern calling in nocturnal flight (2.05am, Oct, PA).

(2.38am, Oct, PA)

(5.14am, Sep, PA)

Presumed American Bittern and Black-crowned Night-Heron calling together (2.04am, Apr, PA)

Green Herons in flight (Aug, NJ).

Soft cuks, indicating mild agitation (July, PA).

"ee-korr", a soft call that probably represents the song (May, PA).

Black-crowned Night-Heron (Canada Geese in background, May, NJ).

Black-crowned Night-Herons near roost and calling in flight shortly before dawn (Apr, NJ).

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (presumed as not seen, Feb, FL).

Great Blue Heron (Aug, NJ).

Bird in flight (Aug,PA).

In flight (Mar, PA)

Nocturnal flight call (4.05am, Sep, PA).

Great Egret calls are a low croaking (Feb, FL)

Flock of about 50 Great Egrets (July, DE).

(Jul, NJ).

Snowy Egret calls are a little higher than those of Greater (Feb, FL)

Snowy Egret male courtship call, a bubbling vocalization (May, NJ).

flight call (Feb, FL)

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Meena said...

Least Bittern calls were great education. Also the BC Nightheron and Bittern calls are very different. i will try to remember it!