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Warbler calls III : high chip and miscellaneous other calls

High chip calls

A number of warblers (perhaps most?) have high chip alarm calls different to the typical chip call, sounding more like titmice or Golden-crowned Kinglet. They seem to be heard most often on breeding grounds and are often given by birds that are highly agitated; in this way they seem homologous to the high chip call of the Song Sparrow.

Female Pine Warbler in the pine barrens (Jun, NJ).

Female Blackburnian Warbler, Blue-headed Vireo in background (Jul, ME)

Kentucky Warbler female with nearby fledgling (which looked just like a House Wren with a faint moustache and yellow under the tail), giving a high chip, an intermediate chip, and the regular low chip (June, NJ).

high chip

intermediate chip

all 3 chips (reduced time scale)

Yellow Warbler adult with food (June, NJ).

Worm-eating Warblers near nest (June, NJ).

Hooded Warbler (male, June, PA).

An agitated Common Yellowthroat male giving high chips, the regular chip call, and a couple of intermediate calls (July, PA).

high chip

the first six chips (reduced time scale), the third is the regular chip

Compare with the chip calls (regular and high) of an adjacent agitated Song Sparrow (July, PA).

v-shaped high chip of Song Sparrow

Another male Common Yellowthroat, some of the calls are cardinal-like (May, PA).

Chestnut-sided Warbler adult near fledgling, giving high-pitched and other chips (July, ME).

Presumed Palm Warbler (I didn't observe the bird that made this call but no other species were present in a flock of eastern Palm Warblers, Apr, PA).

Miscellaneous other calls

Ovenbirds have a variety of calls.
This high call is distinctive in sound (June, NJ).
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A perched Ovenbird giving a number of different calls including the previously described "tsip series" and two soft, metallic calls. The bird is presumably a female, as the tsip series call is given by females only according to BNA (early May, NJ).

The following sonagrams have a reduced time scale.

tsip series

soft, metallic call at 8s

Various Ovenbird calls given by foraging birds (June, NJ).

tsip series

This call, which sounds a bit like an American Goldfinch, is actually an Ovenbird performing a "broken-wing" distraction display, with alarm calls (Jun,NJ). It has previously been described as the whimper call (BNA).

This trill is commonly heard from male Common Yellowthroats.
(dawn, Sep, ME)

An odd blackbird-like chuck call by a male Common Yellowthroat in the vicinity of fledglings (July, ME).

Buzzy call, preceded by two chips, by male Black-throated Blue Warbler, at 11, 48 and 64s. This call is used in interactions between males (BNA).
(July, ME)

Blackburnian Warbler male chasing a female. Some of the calls (by one bird?) are like drawn-out rising flight calls on the sonagram, while others are more like typical flight calls (July, ME).

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