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American Crow calls (Sep, ME).

Shorter calls, some of which become modulated towards the end of the recording.
(Mar, PA).

Longer caws (Oct,PA).

American Crow rattle (July, ME).

(Sep, ME).

A croak-like rattle (Oct, PA).

Rattle and caws (Oct, PA).

Flock of about 40 birds (Jan, PA)

A flock of about 30 Fish Crows (Nov, NJ).
The distinctive uh-uh calls and honk-like uh calls at 2 and 3s.

uh-uh calls and honk-like uh (center)

Fish Crow uh and higher eh calls at 1 and 7 s. These three calls, uh, uh-uh, and eh, are the easiest way to separate Fish Crows from American Crows.

eh and uh calls

American Crow fledglings also have nasal calls, recalling Fish Crow, but the calls are not doubled, and the birds are usually accompanying vocal adults. Gulping sounds at 7 and 35s when being fed (July, ME).

Both crow species caw, but the caws of the Fish Crow are more guttural and are perceived by us to sound lower than those of the American Crow, even though both have the highest intensity around 2kHz. This is because the partials (horizontal lines composing the caw on the sonagram) are closer together in the Fish Crow.

Variety of calls including caws.


longer caws

harsher caw at 6-8s

Family of Common Ravens, June, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

call at 28s

Common Raven, 15 minutes before sunrise, possibly awakened from roost (July, ME).

Blue Jay jay call (Apr, PA)

Longer jay call (Aug, PA)

Rattle followed by doubled jay call (May, PA).

Rattle, a female only call (May, PA).

This bird was being chased in a tree by a Sharp-shinned Hawk. This harsh call is one that I have only heard in hawk interactions (Oct, PA).

"Tool-ool" and other calls by about 8 birds (Mar, PA)

A sharp chirping call (Feb, PA).

Squeaky gate calls (Apr, PA)

(Apr, PA)

Other versions of these calls (May, PA)

(April, PA).

Similar call with other softer calls, several birds (Feb, PA).

soft calls

Wren-like soft calls (Dec, PA)

Another example of this common contact call, a lone bird that called for twenty minutes (Apr, PA).

The next three cuts are of various calls by several birds, including chirps, rattles and jay calls (Sep ME).



more chirps

longer calls

(Feb, PA)

(Feb, NJ)

Bird not seen but raspy call presumed to be by a Blue Jay (Oct, PA).

Blue Jays often imitate raptors

Red-shouldered Hawk imitation (May, NJ)

Red-tailed Hawk imitation (Jan, PA)

(Nov, NJ)

Cooper's Hawk imitation (May, PA).

Another Cooper's Hawk imitation (possibly Yellow-bellied Sapsucker)(Dec, NJ)

Broad-winged Hawk imitation (May, PA)

American Crow imitation (May, PA). This call was being used by a bird perched above a cat.

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