Saturday, January 31

Juvenile calls I : non-passerines

This juvenile Least Bittern called persistently for over an hour, the call periodically changing (see Bitterns) (Aug, NJ).

Green Heron juvenile calling in flight, a soft tuk (July, PA).

Great Blue Heron fledglings, with background adult calls (June, PA).

Begging calls of young Black-crowned Night-Herons at a colony (bubbling calls are Snowy Egret, May, NJ).

Clapper Rail chicks, a descending whistle (with Semipalmated Sandpipers, Aug, NJ).

Wood Duck very young ducklings (May, PA).

Older duckling (Aug, PA)

Canada Goose goslings with parents (May, NJ).

Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk; after about 30 days of age the call is the same as the adult (July, NJ).

Immature Red-tailed Hawk (Aug, NJ).

Juvenile Osprey (with adult calls, Aug, NJ).

faster calls first 12s

longer calls

Spotted Sandpiper, fledgling old enough to flutter short distances (parent calls at beginning, June, PA).

Juvenile Herring Gull. The calls are surprisingly similar to those of juvenile Ospreys (Sep, ME).

Juvenile Laughing Gull (Aug, NJ).

Juvenile Forster's Tern in flight, with adult calls (Aug, NJ).

Juvenile Caspian Tern in flight following an adult (Aug, PA).

Juvenile Royal Tern on beach with adult(Aug, NJ).

Wild Turkey, young chicks (July, PA).

juveniles, old enough to fly (June, PA).

Yellow-billed Cuckoo fledgling (with another in the background). Cuckoos are incredibly precocious, leaving the nest at 7 or 8 days, before they can fly. This bird crept through ground-cover (July, NJ).

Barred Owl, begging calls of juvenile (4.00am,Sep, ME).

Eastern Screech-Owl immature calling at dusk (May, PA).

Juvenile Downy Woodpeckers begin whinnying a couple of days before leaving the nest (nestling, June, PA).

whinny by fledgling (June, PA).

Juvenile Downy Woodpecker with adult (June, PA).

adult peek at left

Juvenile Downy Woodpecker (with Gray Catbird, Aug, PA)

Juvenile Hairy Woodpecker with adult. The call of the young bird is higher (July, NJ).

Hairy Woodpecker (with adult, higher calls including rattles are by juvenile)

juvenile calls

juvenile rattle
adult rattle

Various calls by a family of young Northern Flickers (juv Ovenbird also calling, July, PA).

wheezy calls

wika calls

wheezy/hissing call


whurdle call

Keer and begging calls (at point of being fed) by fledgling Northern Flicker at nesthole (June, PA).

Red-bellied Woodpecker nestling calls (June, PA)

Recent fledglings make the same calls (July, PA)

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