Friday, March 27

Game Bird calls

A male Wild Turkey gobbling (Apr, PA).

Male chorus at dawn, several birds gobbling from perches in trees (Mar, PA).

Females calling from high in trees just after dawn (Apr, PA).

Male gobbling and females calling (Apr, PA).

female calls

Purring and other soft calls by foraging flock (Nov, PA).

Louder rattles by a foraging flock of mostly females (Mar, PA).

Two birds calling, including clucks, purrs and a low screech-owl-like trill (Feb, PA).

Calls by a female with young (June, PA).

Northern Bobwhite (May, NJ).

A disturbed flock (Mar, NJ).

Male Ring-necked Pheasant (Aug, NJ).

Two males in face to face combat (June, PA).

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