Tuesday, April 28

Finch Songs

House Finch (Apr, PA).

House Finch "pre-copulation" song, often given in the close proximity of a female, includes waxwing-like whistles (Mar, PA).

In this case the male was solitary (Mar, NJ).

Purple Finches have two different songs. One is extended and often includes mimicry (July, ME).

sonagram in two parts:

The other is shorter and more stereotyped (July, ME)

Like House Finches, Purple Finches sometimes include high-pitched calls in their songs (July, ME).

Purple Finch "vireo song", interspersed with flight calls. This song version can be heard in fall or spring and sounds similar to a Red-eyed Vireo (Oct, PA).

(Apr, PA)

American Goldfinches sing from early in the spring, even though they won't be breeding until July. The accompanying female often calls (Apr, NJ).

female call to right

female call to right

female call to left

Hoary Redpoll song (singing in bush,June, AK). In this example, the song has 8 different repeated notes. The song of the Common Redpoll is apparently similar, and males use up to 16 different notes in their songs.

White-winged Crossbill (June, AK)

time scale reduced

White-winged Crossbills trading trills, probably a simplified song (June, AK).

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