Friday, May 1

House Sparrow

The House Sparrow "song" is a steady series of call-like notes (male, Mar, PA).

The variety of the notes is quite amazing. The following sonagrams of the first 8 seconds of the song show that almost every note is different. Perhaps the House Sparrow derserves more respect as a songster.

This repeated chlip chlip appeared to be a song by a male (April, PA).

This male was singing from a tree top, and again, this was just one phrase repeated over and over (with Tree Swallows, Apr, PA).

House Sparrows have a wide vocabulary of calls.
The extended chatter is typically given by females (June, PA).

The cheep of a male can also be heard (according to BNA females do not often cheep).

A different, clearer cheep by a male (May, PA).

Another example of "cheep", which can sound similar to the House Finch (Jan, PA)

Another call by a male, "ch-ree" (Apr, PA).

An agitated male near its nest-site, with 3 different calls (May, PA).


chips at 10s, notes similar to the female chatter call on sonagram

shorter churs at 35s

A harder sounding chur, from a bird deep in a bush (Jan, PA).

A descending chip (sex unknown)(June, PA).

Juvenile House Sparrow begging call (Aug, PA).

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Angie in SoCal said...

Glad I found your blog. I have a multitude of birds around our house, but have no idea what they are. Here is the chorus I hear most mornings.
Could some of these be sparrows?

from the west coast.