Wednesday, April 1


Broad-winged Hawk whistle (Apr, NJ).

Red-shouldered Hawk, most common call (July, NJ).

Breeding pair (Mar, NJ).

calls at 9s
Pair being harassed by crows, note squealing calls at end (Apr, PA).

Red-tailed Hawk, the familiar wheezy shriek (Nov, PA)

Extended series from bird near nest site (April, PA).

"Gaank" call heard between mates, in this case a bird in flight, the other carrying with nesting material (Mar, PA)

An adult Red-tailed Hawk flew into an oak uttering a squealing call, and then abruptly left the tree when a second adult arrived, at which point these raspy notes were heard (Oct, PA).

Raspy calls appear to be used in agitation (Jan, PA).

Sharp-shinned Hawk calls at 2, 29, 50 and 62s (including mobbing calls by Blue Jays, Oct, NJ)

Juveniles give chip calls in the fall (BNA). This bird was taking short flights and being mobbed by Blue Jays (Sep, PA).

Juvenile being mobbed by Blue Jays calling and giving chip calls that sound like Eastern Phoebe (Oct,PA).

Cooper's Hawk, series of keks (Nov, PA)

(June, NJ).

First year bird with the three common calls, single kek, a mew-like call, and the kek series as it flew off (Apr, PA).

Cooper's Hawk leaving nest (June, NJ).

Cooper's Hawk, female call after flying from nest to perch nearby (June, NJ).

Same call by first year bird (Nov, NJ).

Mew and kek calls, the mew calls can sound similar to Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Oct, PA).

Calls between two interacting immature Cooper's Hawks (Sep, PA).

calls spliced together

Immature bird mobbing two roosting Great Horned Owls (Sep, PA)

Peregrine Falcon in flight (Oct, NJ).

American Kestrel in flight (male, Oct, PA).

Female alarm in flight near nest (June, PA)

Calls by a female (April, PA).

Modulated whine, by a female before and during copulation

This soft call was heard when two female/immature Merlins interacted with each other in flight (Nov, NJ).

Osprey (Aug, NJ).

(Aug, NJ)

Adult calling near nest (July, NJ)

There was a raspy alarm at the end of some call sequences (July, NJ).

Northern Harrier pair flying overhead in breeding habitat, the louder call being the female, and the whistle presumed to be the male (Red-winged Blackbird also calling, May, PA).

A male Northern Harrier being mobbed in flight by a Red-winged Blackbird was presumed to make this soft call (at 3s) (breeding grounds, May, PA).

(insect noise at 5-6kHz)

Two birds, female or immature, calling to each other in flight (Oct, PA).

Northern Harrier in flight (Nov, NJ)

Bald Eagle, adult pair perched, one bird calling (Apr, PA).

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Judy Jeute said...

I couldn't believe my very good fortune to have found this oh so informative blog when I heard and saw a bird that was so high I could not identify today. Thanks to you I now know it was a Red-tailed. Next time you come to CO, stop on by.