Thursday, April 2


All the following recordings are of birds in flight unless noted.

Forster's Tern kip (contact call) and keer ( the so-called advertising call,often given by birds carrying fish).
(feeding birds, Apr, NJ).



Forster's Tern "long" call, a series of keers that speed up (Jul, NJ)

(May, NJ).

Kip, kew and grating calls in flight(Jul, NJ)


Common Tern kip (Aug, MA).


Kyeer advertising call (July, NJ)

Common Tern long call, a series of kyeers that speed up towards the end (Aug, MA).

part of long call

Kyeer calls with grating phrases (July, ME).

Arctic Tern, a clear high kyeer (June, AK).

Arctic Tern three calls, a raspy krrr, a grating kip and short whistled keeks (June, AK).

Least Tern contact call (June, NJ).

Least Tern squeaky alarm calls(Aug, MA).

Least Tern alarm calls and attack call (Aug, MA).

Black Tern kip calls, foraging flock (May, ND).

Gull-billed Tern calls (May, NJ)
(July, NJ).

Gull-billed Tern calls are similar to those of the Black Skimmer. Black Skimmer in flight (May, NJ).

Black Skimmer flock, some in flight, most resting, with Black-bellied and Semi-palmated Plovers also calling (May, Heislerville, NJ).

The Caspian Tern call is a dry rasp, similar to that of snipe (Aug, PA).

Royal Tern call (with juvenile, Aug, NJ).

(Aug, NJ)

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