Saturday, April 4


Eastern Whip-poor-will song, normal delivery followed by a subdued version (June, NJ).


During interactions Whip-poor-wills make a Swainson's Thrush-like whip. Here a bird is singing, then a second bird flies by calling and then begins to rapidly sing (Apr, NJ).

Chuck-will's-widow at dusk, Dividing Creek, NJ (May).

Chuck-will's-widows have a number of calls (before sunrise, May, DE):
Heron-like quok calls by bird that was at least initially in flight.

Growls and clucking calls

Calls in a series

Wing claps (May, DE).

Common Nighthawk peent and "boom" where the bird dives and creates a sound with its primary wing feathers (dusk, May, NJ).

peent followed by boom

This bird, which appeared to be stationary, made grating noises in between peents (4.56am, July, ME).

Common Nighthawks occasionally call at night; this is most likely a migrant (May, PA).

The American Woodcock call is similar to that of the nighthawk (dawn,Feb, NJ).

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