Friday, April 3


The coo coo coo call of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo (June, NJ).

The knocker call (June, NJ).

This is the nocturnal flight call (3.37am, May, PA)

(2.32am, May, PA)

(3.46am, May, PA)

Two Yellow-billed Cuckoos in close interaction made these calls (May, NJ).

Black-billed Cuckoo song (May, PA).

Both cuckoos vocalize frequently during nocturnal migration. The Black-billed Cuckoo makes a unique swallowing sound (2.45am, May, PA).

(12.26am, May, PA)

(2.03am, May, PA)

Flight call by perched bird (May, NJ).

Perched bird singing and calling (June, MN)

The flight call is sometimes followed by a long series of calls (June, MN).

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