Friday, April 3


The coo coo coo call of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo (June, NJ).

The knocker call (June, NJ).

This is the nocturnal flight call (3.37am, May, PA)

(2.32am, May, PA)

(3.46am, May, PA)

Two Yellow-billed Cuckoos in close interaction made these calls (May, NJ).

Black-billed Cuckoo song (May, PA).

Both cuckoos vocalize frequently during nocturnal migration. The Black-billed Cuckoo makes a unique swallowing sound (2.45am, May, PA).

(12.26am, May, PA)

(2.03am, May, PA)

(2.22am, mid-Sep, PA)

(3.13am, mid-Sep, PA)

Flight call by perched bird (May, NJ).

Perched bird singing and calling (June, MN)

The flight call is sometimes followed by a long series of calls (June, MN).

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