Friday, January 14

Sandhill Crane

The annual spectacle in March of thousands of lesser Sandhill Cranes coming in to roost along the Platte River in Nebraska is unforgettable. This is a recording of a group flying overhead near Kearney at dusk. The main calls are bugles but interspersed are the higher-pitched purrs of young birds.


~ K ~ said...

Thank you for posting this - very difficult to describe this sound to those who haven't heard it and equally as difficult to describe the bird to which it belongs to those who have heard it if they have seen a SHC. ~ k ~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting--have forwarded this particular audio to folks wanting to identify the migrating flocks in flight, rather than individual.

We have lots of these which migrate south along the Rio Grande in NM, especially to winter in the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.