Saturday, July 25

Juvenile calls III : wrens to waxwings

Juvenile House Wrens (July, PA).

(with adult alarm, June, PA).

(June, NJ)

Carolina Wren fledgling (Aug, PA).

Another Carolina Wren fledgling, showing a surprising variety of calls (American Robin in background, July, PA).

Juvenile Sedge Wren calls are similar to the chip calls of the adults, but huskier (calling bird not seen, Sep, PA).

Golden-crowned Kinglet fledglings have a constant high chipping call (July, ME).

Calls speed up at the time of feeding.

At first I identified these calls as being exceptionally long calls by Golden-crowned Kinglets on their breeding grounds. What was puzzling was that they appeared to be calling to one another and it didn't seem as if this was an alarm call. The light was poor and I now believe that these are juvenile Ruby-crowned Kinglets (July, ME).

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher fledgling begging for food (June, PA). The call is higher and wheezier than the adult call (BNA).

This is a recently fledged American Robin (Jun, NJ).

American Robin fledglings, location calls (July, PA).

Calls by another fledgling American Robin, showing the variety of sounds they make (July, PA).
High buzzy calls (with adult puk).

Quiet grating call.

Fledgling Wood Thrushes have chip calls similar to the alarm calls of American Redstart or Yellow Warbler. Faint buzzy contact calls of the nearby adult, similar to the flight call, can be heard at intervals (June, PA).

Same young bird with faster calls as it gets fed by an adult.

This older juvenile Wood Thrush has a slurred call similar to some fledgling American Robin calls (July, PA).

Veery fledglings (June, PA).

The Hermit Thrush juvenile call is an off-key whistle. In this recording of a parent calling the alarm, there are two fledglings calling, most obviously at 7, 15, 30 and 52s (July, ME).

The Eastern Bluebird fledgling location call is similar to the adult call (June, PA).

The call changed to a begging version when the adult arrived (June, PA).

Fledgling Gray Catbirds have a surprising variety of calls.
Here are two commonly heard calls, a short tsip and a more pronounced tsup (July, PA).

Featured here are the tsip begging call, a kinglet-like trill, and some calls that seem to be intermediate.

tsip begging call and trill

Clearer see calls.

A louder tssup call.

Brown Thrasher fledgling location calls are thrush-like (July, PA).

Brown Thrasher begging calls, single fledgling with an adult (July, PA)

Calls speed up at time of feeding

Northern Mockingbird juveniles have a discordant hoarse call (with adult calls, July, PA).

(June, PA)

The familiar calls of fledgling European Starlings (July, PA).

Begging trills of juvenile Cedar Waxwings (July, PA).

(sonagram has vegetation artefact)

Compare with the almost identical begging calls of an adult female (requesting food from its mate, June, NJ).


Yiwei said...

Hi - where is the source for your American Robin fledgling contact call? I am looking for something similar. Thanks!

Paul Driver said...

Hi Yiwei,
All the recordings on this blog are my own. I'd be happy to send you a copy.