Monday, August 10

Swallow and Swift calls

All the following are by birds in flight, unless noted.

Barn Swallow, vwit and stutter calls near nest site (June, NJ).

Barn Swallow vwit call followed by alarm calls (Aug, NJ).

alarm call

Tree Swallow, various calls, primarily by a male at or close to a nestbox, with a female and other birds in attendance (Apr, PA).

gurgle at 3s (to right)

clear note at 11s

hoarse notes at 12s

raspy calls at 20s

chirps at 23s

chatter at 28s

tick calls at 88s

Several birds in flight (Apr, PA).

Raspy aggression calls made at the bottom of a dive at an intruder close to nest site (Apr, PA).

Similar alarm calls at end of dive near nest site (May, PA).

Interaction between two Tree Swallows in flight (July, NJ).

A flock of Cliff Swallows with churr notes, squeaky calls at about 40 seconds, and the alarm call near the end of the recording (May, ND).


squeaky calls

Cliff Swallow alarm calls (May, ND).

Northern Rough-winged Swallow, calls perched at prospective nest site (Apr, PA)

Birds in flight (June, PA)

Pair calling to each other, in the foreground a perched bird near a prospective nest-site (a bridge), in the background a bird with a different call to those above (see sonogram at 35s below; Apr, PA).

Bank Swallow flight calls (May, NJ).

alarm and flight calls (May, NJ)

Purple Martin calls (May, DE).

cheeur calls by birds at martin house

buzzy bzeet in flight

calls at 23s

Interaction calls between two birds (July,PA).

Chimney Swift (May, PA).

(June, NJ).

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