Saturday, April 17


Jays are very noisy during the winter, but become remarkably quiet during the breeding season. The most common call is a harsh screech (Apr, Herts).

Chirping vocalizations (pair, April, Herts).

Buzzard imitation (April, Herts).

Magpie, the most commonly heard call (Dec, Herts).

Another common call (April, Herts).

A quieter call by a bird in an incomplete nest (April, Herts)

Rattle and other calls, by four birds (April, Herts).

Jackdaws in flight (Apr, Herts).

Jackdaw in flight (Apr, Herts).

A Jackdaw roost before dawn (Carrion Crow at 6-9s, Apr, Suffolk).

Rooks at a rookery (Apr, Suffolk).

A few higher calls in with the caws sound a little like Jackdaws

Carrion Crows have a variety of caws, amongst other vocalizations (Apr, Herts).

(April, Norfolk)

(April, Herts)

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