Saturday, April 17


Jays are very noisy during the winter, but become remarkably quiet during the breeding season. The most common call is a harsh screech (Apr, Herts).

Chirping vocalizations (pair, April, Herts).

Buzzard imitation (April, Herts).

Magpie, the most commonly heard call (Dec, Herts).

Another common call (April, Herts).

A quieter call by a bird in an incomplete nest (April, Herts)

Rattle and other calls, by four birds (April, Herts).

Bird foraging in tree (Nov, Herts).

Jackdaws in flight (Apr, Herts).

Jackdaw in flight (Apr, Herts).

A Jackdaw roost before dawn (Carrion Crow at 6-9s, Apr, Suffolk).

Rooks at a rookery (Apr, Suffolk).

A few higher calls in with the caws sound a little like Jackdaws

Carrion Crows have a variety of caws, amongst other vocalizations (Apr, Herts).

(April, Norfolk)

(April, Herts)

Chough (June, Pembrokeshire)

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