Sunday, January 10


Bonaparte's Gull (Mar, NJ).

A flock of Bonaparte's Gulls (Mar, NJ).

Black-headed Gull for comparison (in flight, Dec, UK).

A flock of Black-headed Gulls (April, Herts, UK)

Laughing Gull (Jul, NJ)

(May, NJ).

Laughing Gull flock (May, NJ).

Franklin's Gull for comparison (May, ND).

Ring-billed Gull (May, NJ).

Herring Gull (Jul NJ)

(Aug, MA).

(Jul, ME)

Lesser Black-backed Gull (Mar, PA).

Great Black-backed Gull (Aug, MA).

Great Black-backed Gull long call (Mar, NJ).

time scale reduced

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