Thursday, January 21


Tundra Swan. The following recordings were made in mid-March at Whitesbogs in the New Jersey pine barrens.
This was the most commonly given call by the birds in the flock:

Another commonly heard call.

A group of birds making these calls.

These calls are quite similar to those of Snow Geese:
Snow Geese in flight (Feb, NJ).

Several agitated birds bugling, with quieter squeaky, two-noted calls.

two-noted call


Bugling calls by birds in flight.

A pair of birds head bobbing, calls include a moan-like call.

A hoarse call.

Mute Swan grunt (Mar, NJ).

A rising call (May, PA)

quiet hiss (Mar, NJ).

Mute Swan in flight (May, NJ).

time scale reduced

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