Thursday, April 8


Wood Pigeon have three coos, a perch-coo announcing territory, a nest-coo made at the nest site, and a bow-coo when sitting alongside a mate. This bird, hidden in ivy, begins with the nest-coo followed by the more familiar perch-coo.
(Collared Dove at 84s, Apr, Herts).



The five-parted perch-coo (Apr, Herts).

The bow-coo is a more extended vocalization (Apr, Herts).

Wood Pigeon also communicate with wing flaps, breeding birds rising into the air and flapping at the peak of the rise. Wing flaps are also heard from flushed birds. (Apr, Herts).

Stock Dove perch-coo (Apr, Norfolk).

Collared Dove perch-coo (Apr, Herts).

Collared Dove call upon landing (Apr, Suffolk).

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