Wednesday, April 21

Tit songs

Recordings April, Herts, England unless noted.

Blue Tit songs. The following are clearly songs, but as with other titmice, many vocalizations are difficult to assign to call or song.

(Mar, Herts)

(Mar, Herts)

(Mar, Herts)

Singing atdawn is persistent. At the end of this recording I believe mating occurred, with one of the birds twittering at high frequency (May, Herts).

twitter/mating call

twitter, time scale reduced

Great Tit.

Coal Tit songs are similar in rhythm to the Great Tit, but have a different tone.


Coal Tit and Great Tit together.

Coal Tit

Great Tit

Coal Tit "courtship/copulation" song. This extended song was made at the time of intimate association with a female. Initially the birds chased around a bush with twittering, and then the male fluttered his wings rapidly and at one point mounted the female, uttering this remarkable continuous vocalization (Apr, Herts).

time scale reduced

Marsh and Willow Tits are very similar in appearance but have different vocalizations.

Marsh Tit.

Willow Tit (May, Herts).

One of the two song types of the Wood Warbler is similar to the Willow Tit (June, Suffolk).

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