Monday, March 4

Finch calls

Chaffinch alarm call, "pink' (Apr, Herts).

The male Chaffinch in spring makes calls that may be a substitute for the song. These are learned and known as "rain calls".
(Apr, Herts)

(Apr, Suffolk)

(Apr, Herts))

(Apr, Norfolk)

(Apr, Herts)

Chaffinch flight call (bird in flight, Apr, Suffolk).

The Greenfinch flight call is harder and a little higher than the Chaffinch call, and often rapidly repeated (perched birds, Dec, Herts).

Another call by Greenfinches is a whine (female, April, Herts)

Goldfinch flight calls, perched bird. The notes consist of higher tinkling and lower doubled calls (Apr, Herts).

Bullfinches have a plaintive call, often given by birds hidden in thick vegetation, also used in flight (perched, Dec, Herts).

The Linnet flight call is squeaky, perched bird (May, Herts).

male taking off from tree top after singing (April, Suffolk).

The common flight call of the Lesser Redpoll is usually doubled or tripled, and often associated with a trill (in flight, Dec, Herts).


Flock of about 50 feeding at the top of a birch (Dec, Herts).


The common Siskin flight call is a descending pyoo or kyoo (in flight, Dec, Norfolk).

(in flight, Dec, Norfolk)

Two call variants (Dec, Norfolk).

Perched bird (Apr, Norfolk)

Perched (Dec, Herts).

A flock feeding at the top of an alder, with harsh rattling calls (Dec, Norfolk).

The Hawfinch alarm call is similar to the tick alarm call of the Robin, but is often single or doubled and heard from the top of a tree or in flight (Apr, Norfolk).

Robin alarm call for comparison (Dec, Herts).

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