Monday, March 4

Nuthatch, Tree Creeper, Goldcrest, Firecrest, Long-tailed Tit and Bearded Reedling calls

Nuthatch calls (Apr, Herts).

A more extended series of these notes (Apr, Herts).

Squeaky calls by a foraging bird (Apr, Herts).

Barely audible quiet calls between a foraging pair (Apr, Herts).

Families with fledged young make a variety of high pitched calls (June, Herts).

time scale reduced

Long-tailed Tits have several calls including chup, see, see-see-see, and srrra.

A pair at an incomplete nest (Apr, Suffolk).

(Apr, Herts).

see-see-see are similar to Goldcrest but always mixed in with the other calls.


Long-tailed Tit (lower) and Goldcrest (higher) calls together for comparison (Dec, Herts).

The commonly heard Tree Creeper call is a high trill (Dec, Herts).

(Apr, Herts).

flight calls at 7kHz at end of recording

Note that the trill is given repeatedly at dawn in song form

A series of rising calls (Apr, Herts).

Goldcrest calls while foraging (Dec, Herts). There are three main call types, a trilled see-see-see, a clear rising syoo and various very short notes.



short notes followed by syoo syoo

This bird in a small tree with another appeared excited, although I couldn't determine why. The notes came in a continuous series (Apr, Norfolk).

Firecrest call (June, Herts).

Bearded Tits or Reedlings are most often located by their calls (Nov, Middx)

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