Sunday, February 21

Miscellaneous Posts

Identifying Veery/Scarlet Tanager and Song/Fox Sparrow Nocturnal Flight Calls

Detecting Northern Saw-whet Owls by ear

Swainson's Warbler fledgling call

Willet flight calls

The Least Bittern nocturnal call

Eastern Screech-Owl and Northern Saw-whet Owl: A comparison of calls

The Virginia Rail "kicker" call

Blackcap and Robin song alternation

Greenfinch mimicry

Could migrant Ammodramus sparrows be found by ear?

American Bittern/Black-crowned Night-Heron nocturnal call comparison

Warbler song nomenclature: a need for standardization

Adult warbler males use juvenile begging calls when singing

Bicknell's Thrush calls

Eastern Towhee mimicry

Empidonax calls: a few caveats

Coal Tit "courtship/copulation" song"

Field Sparrow plastic complex song

Great Horned Owl shrieking

Northern Saw-whet Owl whine

Identifying hummingbirds by sound

Flight calls of winter finches

Hermit Thrush call variant

Sedge wren subsong

Sedge Wrens Montgomery County, PA

Field Sparrow dawn/day song reversal

A few spring migrants

Virginia Rails duetting

American Robin whisper song

Carolina Chickadee gargle song

Great Horned Owl and Common Raccoons

Eurasian Wigeon

Chipping Sparrow copulation call

Red-breasted Nuthatch vibratory song

Baird's Sparrow at Lostwood NWR, North Dakota

American Woodcock display flight

Mobbing Calls

Finding Connecticut Warblers by ear

Solitary Sandpiper calls

Oriole nestling calls

Scarlet Tanager "Yellow-rumped Warbler-like" call

Red-eyed Vireo mimicry

Carolina Wren plastic song

Fledgling calls

Eastern Towhee "complex quiet song"

Black Scoter courtship calls

Ipswich Sparrow flight calls

Song Sparrow : an aggressive call while feeding

Spotted Towhee calls

Fish Crow calls

Sharp-tailed Sparrow flight call

A variety of Blue Jay calls

Oporornis chip calls

Gray Catbird fledgling calls

Worm-eating Warbler extended (flight) song

The White-eyed Vireo rambling song

Henslow's Sparrows at Piney Tract, PA

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